As restaurants face the clear and present danger of reduced dine-in demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic, off-premises services will become even more important. North Carolina based start-up SWIPEBY is offering a fresh way to help restaurants meet this growing demand. Curbside pickup as a platform.

SWIPEBY is bringing curbside pickup, once only an option at retailers and a few large restaurant chains, to restaurants nationwide. Their nimble platform provides restaurants the ability to offer easy mobile ordering and stay-in-your-car, curbside service.

“Curbside pickup reduces touchpoints with money, credit cards, and reduced exposure to others. Guests can stay in their cars,” says Carl Turner, the founder of SWIPEBY. SWIPEBY’s arrival technology allows for a seamless experience with automated notification of customers arrival at the restaurant. The SWIPEBY app provides a hassle-free off-premise option for customers and a great way for restaurants to serve their patrons in these difficult times,”

Unlike delivery, SWIPEBY is essentially free for the restaurant to use, with no monthly fees or revenue sharing requirements. It also gives the restaurant complete control over the takeout experience.

SWIPEBY has been providing its curbside pickup platform to over 100 restaurants in North Carolina since 2019 and is now expanding nationwide. WIth a new express onboarding approach, a restaurant can offer SWIPEBY’s fully automated curbside pickup 24 hours after sign-up. With recent studies indicating that 31% of consumers plan to limit their dine-in activity over the next 3 months, their expansion could provide restaurants and their customers a timely, affordable, and convenient option in this difficult season.

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