Syrus Restaurant Information Services announces the hiring of restaurant and technology industry veteran Mike Tobin. Tobin brings a unique mix of experience in back-office management and development of business processes and forecasting methods to drive efficiencies at the restaurant level.

During his 30-year career with Wendy’s International, Tobin has served in Operations, Information Systems, Project Management, and oversight committees for back office in both the franchise and corporate restaurants. As a creative innovator and integrator, he used his process improvement skills to drive Wendy’s revenue growth and improve organizational effectiveness.

Tobin’s extensive technology background includes a broad range of expertise ranging from POS systems to multi-unit and executive-level reporting. He has a grasp of both the restaurant and technology worlds and a deep understanding of how technology and information can drive profitability and operational efficiencies. His passion is in integrating technology into the restaurant industry and using his change management skills to help restaurants grow sales and manage costs.

 “I am very excited to join the Syrus team, partnering with such a great organization, great people, and fantastic client base,” says Tobin. “I am anxious to leverage and share my knowledge, experience, and expertise in regard to mainline restaurant operations, technology integration, industry efficiencies, and strategic vision to best serve our clients.”

Jim Karam, Syrus president and CEO, adds, “We are so fortunate to have someone with (Tobin’s) abilities and proven track record join our team. I can’t think of anyone I’ve known in my time in this industry who has a better combination of skills to help us fulfill our promise to our customers, which is to use technology and information to drive operational and financial performance.”


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