Mike Feldman, president of T1 Visions, LLC, and inventor of its T1 Connection Booth, will discuss what’s new in technology for restaurants at the kick-off panel discussion, Fresh Approaches in Foodservice IT, at 10 a.m. on May 22 during the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago.

After the panel discussion, attendees will be invited to tour T1 Visions’ show booth.

T1 Visions is a unique technology company that specializes in interactive touchscreen solutions for restaurants. It will exhibit at the NRA Show in Booth 5972.

T1 Visions is the latest venture of Michael Feldman, a successful information technology entrepreneur who founded Digital Optics Corporation (DOC) in 1991, grew it to 150 employees, and sold it for $60 million. Along with his former partner, Jim Morris, Feldman invented The Connection Booth, a durable interactive table integrated with a touchscreen tabletop, audio system and high-definition video screen, designed for use in restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

The Connection Booth is currently in use at T1 Visions’ T1 Tapas restaurant in Huntersville, North Carolina, which serves as a showcase and market research lab for T1 Visions’ products. T1 Tapas and the T1 Connection Booth have been featured as “High-tech Tapas” on CNN Headline News (watch video at here.

The T1 Connection Booth is also in use at Harper’s Restaurants’ South Park location in Charlotte, North Carolina and is currently being installed at Cowfish, a new restaurant in Charlotte. T1 Visions also designed and built the digital signs and displays for Charlotte’s just-opened NASCAR Hall of Fame museum and the Charlotte Convention Center.

T1 Visions’ surface computing technology, which is based on Apple’s Mac Computer products, has considerable size and cost advantages over other comparable technologies, such as Microsoft’s Surface. Its products have the industry’s thinnest form factor at less than two inches thick and cost 50 percent less than comparable technologies.

The patent-pending T1 Connection Booth has a large, multi-user touchscreen seamlessly incorporated into a dining table that fits in a standard restaurant booth. Interactive electronic menus are programmed into the touch-surface computer, giving customers detailed information about food, drinks, and pricing.

Built into the wall at the end of the booth are a full 1080p HD screen and a port box equipped with plug-in hardware to accommodate a variety of personal electronic devices, including iPods, iPhones, and MP3 players. Audio speakers are built into the high-backed booth seats.

Patrons seated in a T1 Connection Booth can each customize their environment by choosing individual audio and visual settings. They can listen to music, and view photos or videos directly from their own personal electronic devices or play a series of engaging interactive games. Libraries of music, photographs, YouTube videos, and music videos are also stored in the booth’s computer, offering additional audio and visual entertainment.

Business customers can connect their laptops to give presentations to clients on the large HD wall monitor.

“There have been many innovations in personal media technology that isolate people, but few encourage people to spend time together,” Feldman says. “Our T1 Connection Booth technology brings all the fun and excitement of cutting-edge personal electronic devices to a social setting where people can connect with each other while also enjoying food and drink.”

T1 Visions sells its hardware, software, and services to restaurants nationwide and internationally.

For more information about T1 Visions and its technology, visit www.t1visions.com.

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