Taco Bell is here to acknowledge it might’ve taken innovation to unwelcomed heights with some of its past breakfast creations (looking at you, Naked Egg Taco and Waffle Taco). Perfectly in line with its brand DNA, the taco connoisseur delivered revolutionary menu innovations to the morning masses by doing the absolute most. But in retrospect, when it came to living más just after getting out of bed, some of these breakfast offerings went, well … a little too far on the Live Más scale. After all, there’s a reason it’s called the morning routine. Now the brand is promising it won’t take its level of innovation intensity to an 11 before 11 (A.M.) by saying “we’re sorry.”

Shaking up its late-night reputation, the brand is joining forces with Pete Davidson to convey the brand’s apology for past breakfast antics and pledging to tone things down before 11 A.M. by focusing on delivering the comfort and familiarity consumers are craving like fluffy eggs, melty cheese and crispy hash browns, the Taco Bell way – wrapped in a warm flour tortilla and grilled like the Breakfast Crunchwrap. Otherwise known as a “Breakfast Crunch Thing” if you’re Pete Davidson.

“I like to think I might be the muse behind Live Más, which is probably why they brought me on to apologize for their maybe-too-extreme innovations in the mornings,” says Pete Davidson, Taco Bell Brand Apologist. “Taco Bell got too caught up with today’s hustle and forgot people like to ease into their morning with tasty, simple food. Here to stay are delicious burritos and Crunch-things or Crunchwraps or whatever they’re called.”

Taco Bell’s apology tour comes in multiple marketing phases to truly convey “I’m sorry” and demonstrate how craveable and conventional the breakfast menu already is. In a :30 ad spot called ‘The Apology,’ Pete admits Taco Bell “went a bit crazy with breakfast” and suggests a simple, comforting “Breakfast Crunch Thing” in the morning before realizing the Breakfast Crunchwrap delivers just that. From the same lineage of creative, the :30 ‘The Bell Breakfast’ ad spot features Pete dreaming of the most amazing breakfast before waking up inside of a Taco Bell.

Well Pete’s same ‘Bell Breakfast’ dreams are becoming a reality as Taco Bell is transforming three restaurants across the U.S. to immerse fans into this exact dreamy breakfast experience. These limited-time pop-ups will take place from October 20 – October 23, with limited seating, on the Las Vegas strip, Wrigleyville in Chicago and the Times Square Cantina in New York City. For any fans who dream of purchasing a Breakfast Crunchwrap during the middle of the day or night, the Bell Breakfasts will serve breakfast all-day, until supplies last, offering 100% of the same craveable breakfast menu they know and love. 

Bell Breakfast Taco Bell locations:

  • Las Vegas: 3717 S Las Vegas Blvd Suite 140-A, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Chicago: 1107 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613
  • New York City: 1501 Broadway New York, NY 10036


“At Taco Bell, we’re always looking at shifts in consumer behaviors and identifying ways to optimize our menu to match their cravings. This pivot in our breakfast strategy aligns with consumers’ morning mentality by turning up our focus on ease and familiarity,” says Sean Tresvant, Global Chief Brand Officer. “This campaign and our partnership with Pete Davidson truly demonstrate our authentic approach to breakfast. And bringing The Bell Breakfast to life in select restaurants provides a unique experience that enables our fans to engage with the brand in new ways.”

While Las Vegas, Chicago and New York City-based enthusiasts can experience Taco Bell’s Bell Breakfast in just a few weeks, customers nationwide will continue to have access to the brand’s classic craveable breakfast infused with all of the Fire! flavors they know and love from open – 11 A.M.*. Ordering a grab-and-go breakfast in-app and picking up your comforting meal from the drive-thru or in-store is the perfect, no-fuss way to kick off your day. Morning commuters can rely on menu options like the Breakfast Crunchwrap with Sausage, Breakfast Quesadilla with Steak and Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito with Potato that can all be customized to their dreamiest desires.  

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