Industry News | February 9, 2011

“Like” Taco Bell, Get a Free Taco

Taco Bell launched the world’s largest free taco offer on Facebook by offering each of its fans with a free Crunchy Seasoned Beef Taco.

The online offer is only available to Facebook members who “Like” the Taco Bell page, allowing each fan access to print the coupon.

“Throughout the beef class action lawsuit, the response and enthusiasm from our Facebook community has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Greg Creed, CEO. “We found it only fitting to reward these 5.4 million fans and a friend with a free taco. It’s our way of saying thanks for their loyalty and support.”

The offer will be supported by simple image and text-based ads on Facebook to drive awareness and coupon downloads. The Facebook ad features the brand’s sauce packet emblazoned with “Thumbs up to you Friend!” The copy reads: “Thanks so much for your support! What’s not to “Like” about a free taco?" 

As part of its attempt to set the record straight, the company launched a nationwide advertising campaign on January 28 to share the truth about its seasoned beef. The company placed full page ads in national publications, launched a YouTube video, and supported it with an online campaign on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and other search engines and social media networks.


I don't "Like" Taco Bell, I "Love" it. I think the lawsuit over the beef content is without merit.

Taco Bell Facebook Like Coupon Promo

the flap over the Bell's meat product has been a long time coming.If it looks like a Duck, Quacks like a Duck, and swims like a Duck - it's a Duck.If the Bell's meat looks like brown paste, has the texture of brown paste, and tastes like brown paste - it's not Beef - It's a beef product, and should be labled as such.

I love taco bell I dont care what any one says. I found this facebook page where you can win Taco Bell lunch for a year

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