Since 1992, Taco Del Mar’s massive, mission style burritos have been wildly popular among guests, making the Pacific Northwest brand a go-to favorite. Customers can build a ‘fat one’ any way they like with customizable protein and topping options to satisfy cravings on any day of the year.

For a special deal on 4/20, buy one burrito, get one for free when ordering online or through the app with the promo code ‘RollAFatOne’, at participating locations.

“Taco Del Mar always enjoys putting great deals out for guests to enjoy the mouthwatering food our restaurants offer as a way to show our appreciation,” says Brent Phillip, Brand Leader at REGO Restaurant Group. “If guests and their friends find themselves with the munchies today, we hope they come in and enjoy delicious BOGO burritos.”

Taco Del Mar’s packed burrito is wrapped in a steamed tortilla and filled with guest’s choice of protein, rice and beans, shredded cheese, freshly made pico de gallo, and creamy sour cream. Made-in-house salsas can be added as well and, if they’re feeling up to it, guests can smother their burritos with enchilada sauce or queso.

The offer is available online for pickup or delivery at participating locations for guests to enjoy any adventure the day may bring.

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