It could be called a perfect storm—America’s growing appetite for snacking combined with football playoff season and cold winter weather. For Mexican chain Taco John’s, this convergence of trends and timing means big sales for its snack menu items.

"For the past two years, our highest sales of TJ Baja Boneless Wings have been on Super Bowl Sunday. Wings sales are also strong during the playoff weekends leading up to the big game,” says Renée Middleton, vice president of marketing at Taco John’s. “We know one of the reasons for our success during this time period is the fact we offer the convenience of picking up boneless wings at the drive thru.”

Taco John’s is launching a new marketing campaign on December 30 to promote both its TJ Baja Boneless Wings and Mexi Rolls. It highlights the diversity of flavors available in its snack menu items by encouraging people to “Mex. Match. Munch.”

“Our TJ Baja Boneless Wings are unique because no other quick-serve Mexican restaurants provide this snack diversity: Honey Habanero, Bold Buffalo, or Sweet Chipotle Barbeque. More and more people are sharing their meals so they can try a little bit of many flavors,” says Bob Karisny, vice president of menu strategy and innovation at Taco John’s. “Eating out is about spending time with friends and family, and sharing food is a big part of that.”

Taco John’s anticipates driving sales further by offering its snack menu items in a variety of sizes. TJ Baja Boneless Wings and Mexi Rolls are available in a range of sizes from a single serving to one large enough for sharing. When the campaign launches December 30, Taco John’s will introduce new hashtags for its “brand love” page. Fans will be encouraged to post photos of their parties with TJ’s snack items for an opportunity to win prizes.

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