Taco John's, the West-Mex quick-service restaurant chain, is deploying the FreedomPay Commerce Platform across more than 400 locations, aiming to position Taco John's for nationwide recognition and growth.

"The FreedomPay Commerce Platform is an important foundation for our plans to drive growth and increase the long-term value of the business," says Jeff Linville, Taco John's newly installed CEO. "Our new platform will allow us to better connect with our customers in today's increasingly hyper-connected world."

The cloud-based FreedomPay Commerce Platform takes Taco John's business model and puts it on the forefront of technology innovation. The company can now leverage on-demand access to applications and services anytime, anywhere, including gateway payments, incentives, loyalty, and enterprise security solutions.

A key component of the FreedomPay Commerce Platform is the consumer app, VIBE, which delivers mobile payments and mobile incentives to Taco John's customers on the go.

The new Taco John's Platform is a virtual transaction superhighway with the power to enhance the customer experience in-store, online, and across any mobile device.

Detailed information enables Taco John's to better understand its consumers and deliver marketing campaigns that are more relevant to the audience.

For security, FreedomPay is an early leader in true Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) for QuikServe point-of-sales systems, including support for NFC, EMV, and magnetic stripe in a single solution. T

his advanced security layer gives Taco John's consumers the comfort of knowing their credit card details are being handled by safe technology.

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