Taco John’s doesn’t care if a guest visits one of its restaurants in Longmont, Colorado, or Long Island, New York. The Mexican quick-serve chain wants the food, setting and service to be consistently excellent. To reach that goal, Taco John’s has signed a three-year deal with Steritech, a nationally recognized leader in brand experience services.

“The two top benefits of our partnership with Steritech are the focus on food safety and the increased frequency of restaurant visits,” says Shawn Eby, vice president of operations for Taco John’s. “Currently our field consultants audit each location once a year. Working with Steritech that number will double this year and climb to three audits per year by 2017.”

Steritech, the North American leader in specialized brand experience services, has been providing assessments to businesses in the restaurant, foodservice, and supermarket industries for more than 20 years. Its services include operational excellence, food safety, brand standards, and workplace safety assessment programs, as well as technology solutions for self-assessments and reporting.

“As restaurants continue to diversify to suit expanding customer palates, it becomes increasingly important for brands to develop specialized programs that help hone in on ways to address, improve, and enhance the unique customer experiences they offer," says Doug Sutton, president of Steritech's brand standards business. "We are happy to help support Taco John's in their efforts in this area. Working together and leveraging Steritech's expertise in food safety and operational excellence, Taco John's is implementing an assessment program that will support consistency, quality, and continued growth in its mission to deliver fast Mexican in an original way."

According to a recent study, the public is increasingly looking to restaurants and retailers to manage food safety. The research by Deloitte Consulting found 42 percent of consumers rely on retailers to assume a greater role in managing food safety, compared to only 25 percent in 2009.

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