Taco Time Northwest, a Northwest U.S.-based, family owned, Mexican quick-service restaurant celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2012, puts a new spin on a classic menu item, offering Sweet Potato Mexi-Fries from now until March 31.

“For 50 years, Taco Time NW has been putting our own take on fresh, Mexican-inspired dishes for our customers,” says Robby Tonkin, president of Taco Time Northwest. “Our Sweet Potato Mexi-Fries bring a new flavor to our menu and offer a fresh alternative to our classic Mexi-Fries.”

Sweet Potato Mexi-Fries are available at Taco Time NW restaurants throughout the Puget Sound region for $2.99–$3.99. Customers can order Sweet Potato Mexi-Fries as side dish or as a substitute for original Mexi-Fries in combo meals at most Taco Time NW locations for an additional $1 and in Mini Time and Kids meals for 50 cents.

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