Tarka Indian Kitchen is catering to more lifestyles and dietary preferences without sacrificing on the authentic spices and flavors Indian cuisine is most renowned for.

The fast-casual Indian restaurant expanded its menu to incorporate more vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free items. Available now, guests can enjoy these fresh new offerings:

Vegetable Pakoras (vegan and gluten-free) – Potatoes and onions dipped and fried in a seasoned gram flour and roasted cumin batter, served with mint-tamarind-yogurt chutney. Vegan chutney is available upon request.

Beyond Keema Curry (vegetarian) – Previous limited-time item added to the permanent menu, made with plant-based ground meat with green peas and potatoes, seasoned with coriander, dried chilis and Indian spices, served with vegan yeast rolls.

Mango Cheesecake (gluten free) – Light and moist, bursting with flavor from the king of fruits.

In addition to launching new items, Tarka enhanced these fan favorites to meet the needs of more of its guests:

Vegan Lassis (vegan and gluten-free) – Fresh-whipped lassi made with coconut milk instead of yogurt.

Tikka Masala Fries (vegetarian) – Tarka’s Masala Fries served with Tikka sauce for dipping. To make it vegan, guests can select ketchup as the dipping sauce instead.

Kabobs (gluten-free) – Tarka’s kabobs served with a choice of Tikka sauce or mint-tamarind-yogurt chutney. Previously, it was only served with mint-tamarind-yogurt chutney.

“At Tarka, our top priority is to listen to our guests,” says Tarka CEO Tinku Saini. “After conducting a survey to determine requests among guests, the results showed that they want to see more vegan and vegetarian options. Now, 80% of our menu can be made vegetarian. Indian cuisine is a popular type of food for those seeking a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle because for those who don’t eat meat, the combination of warm spices creates dishes that are rich and deep in flavor. Our mission is to serve fresh, healthy Indian cuisine, so we are very excited to serve more items that accommodate the various preferences and lifestyles of our guests.”

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