TCBY, The Country’s Best Yogurt, the world’s first and largest frozen yogurt brand, is celebrating National Frozen Yogurt Day on February 6 in a big way, by gifting fans with a free 6 ounce cup of frozen yogurt. From opening to close, guests can join in on the celebration with the world’s first frozen yogurt brand at participating TCBY locations.

As the trailblazers of froyo, TCBY originated in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1981 where it brought customers a unique self-serve concept and an industry the world had yet to see. Today, TCBY is the only dual soft-serve and hand-scooped frozen yogurt franchise on the market with over 300 stores nationwide. The brand leads the market in nutrition, taste and product quality, always evolving to satisfy its fan base. In 2010, TCBY revitalized its branding to stay relevant in the industry by launching a new vibrant logo, colorful palette and chic contemporary interior.

“We’ve been building a legacy of delicious, healthy frozen desserts for over 30 years and we thought National Frozen Yogurt Day was the perfect time to honor our loyal fans with a sweet deal,” says Dustin Lyman, CEO of TCBY. “We’re excited to provide free frozen yogurt all day to our guests and can’t wait to celebrate with our friends and family nationwide.”

TCBY offers an extensive product line with most yogurt flavors low in fat, nonfat or no sugar added. The brand also launched its frozen yogurt classification, “Super Fro Yo,” which denotes the most nutritious flavors with 3 grams or more fiber, 4 grams or more protein, 7 types of live and active cultures, low in fat and is a good source of calcium and vitamin D. TCBY offers a fun spin on frozen yogurt like banana splits, Chillers, milkshakes, parfaits and Shivers, giving fans a variety of options to celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day.

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