TCBY is serving up two new flavors in celebration of spring. For the month of April, fans can dip into new hand-scooped Hot Honey Pecan and soft-serve Pink Lemonade Sorbet at their local TCBY while rejoicing the vibrant season.

TCBY’s spring-inspired flavors have sprung up nationwide, offering fans a way to indulge in something new all month long. Kicking Spring up a notch, Hot Honey Pecan is TCBY’s newest flavor creation, fusing classic vanilla hand-scooped yogurt with swirls of slightly spicy honey, bits of crunchy praline pecans and a hint of cinnamon. For an over-the-top sweet and spicy experience, froyo aficionados can top Hot Honey Pecan with fresh diced fruit like mangoes or peaches, sprinkled with crisp chopped nuts. Those looking for a more refreshing treat can swirl up TCBY’s fan-favorite Pink Lemonade Sorbet, a tart yet sweet approach to the popular summertime drink. Pink Lemonade is the perfect option for health-conscious fans this April since it’s dairy-free, fat-free and gluten-free.

“Every year our customers get excited about our new Spring flavors and we are happy to announce the launch of two sweet but refreshing flavors,” says Dustin Lyman, CEO of TCBY. “Pink Lemonade has been a fan-favorite for years but Hot Honey Pecan is something completely new for us and we’re excited to let our fans get a scoop of a unique and trendy treat.”

TCBY offers an extensive product line with most yogurt flavors low in fat, nonfat or no sugar added. The brand’s frozen yogurt classification, “Super FroYo,” denotes the most nutritious flavors with three grams or more fiber, four grams or more protein, seven types of live and active cultures, low in fat and is a good source of calcium and vitamin D. TCBY also offers a fun spin on frozen yogurt like banana splits, Chillers, milkshakes, parfaits and Shivers, giving fans a variety of options to celebrate the new year’s bloom.

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