TCBY is introducing the Tart Fro-Yo – Classic Tart Yogurt from TCBY. Rolling into select stores this fall, TCBY’s newest flavor, comes on the heels of a complete flavor reformulation for added taste and health benefits.

Classic Tart Yogurt will be available in participating locations beginning this month. Designed as a fresh-tasting, real dairy frozen yogurt with a slight tang, Classic Tart is just as creamy and delicious as traditional TCBY flavors. Additionally, Classic Tart Yogurt has all the benefits of real dairy frozen yogurt including seven live and active cultures, prebiotics and probiotics and is low in fat and calories.

“At TCBY, we’ve always been proud of the fact that we’re a leader in the category,” says Steve Willes, director of marketing for TCBY. “We were one of the first brands to make Frozen Yogurt popular, and we’re excited to take tart frozen yogurt away from the coasts, where it gained popularity, and bring it to every corner of the country.”

The latest recipe reformulation, which began in early 2008, has now rolled out nationwide with new flavors that are still as creamy, smooth and delicious as ever. The reformulated yogurts remain healthy, low in fat, and full of prebiotics, probiotics and seven live, active cultures. Additionally, the new product contains more calcium and protein, but has lower levels of lactose.

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