TCBY is welcoming the fall season by featuring three, limited-time seasonal flavors starting in September including Apple Pie, Pumpkin and Graham Cracker.

Guests can enjoy the delectable hand-scooped Apple Pie, made with real apples, ground cinnamon and crumbled crust as an equally delicious but less indulgent alternative to the traditional dessert. TCBY’s creamy, low fat Pumpkin Pie soft-serve, made with real pumpkin, can be paired with the decadent, yet low fat Graham Cracker soft-serve, made with real graham crackers, to create a better-for-you version of classic pumpkin pie. TCBY fans can make signature creations that put a spin on sweet treats when mixing and matching the new fall flavors.

“We start with natural ingredients and add fall flavor staples like pumpkin, apple and graham cracker, making our autumn frozen yogurt selections some of our biggest fan favorites,” says Dustin Lyman, CEO of TCBY. “The flavors are delicious and guests can pair them for unique taste combinations or to simply enjoy on their own.”.

As the trailblazers of “FroYo”, TCBY originated in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1981 where it introduced customers to a unique, low fat, full-flavor frozen yogurt concept. Today, TCBY is the only dual soft-serve and hand-scooped frozen yogurt franchise on the market with more than 300 locations systemwide. The brand leads the market in nutrition, taste and product quality, while continuing to evolve to satisfy its ever-growing fan base.

TCBY offers an extensive product line with most yogurt flavors available in low fat, nonfat or no sugar added. The brand also launched its frozen yogurt classification, “Super FroYo,” which denotes the most nutritious flavors. These flavors are low-fat and boast three or more grams of fiber, four or more grams of protein, seven types of live and active cultures and are a good source of calcium and vitamin D. TCBY also offers a fun spin on frozen yogurt like banana splits, Chillers, milkshakes, parfaits and Shivers, giving customers a variety of options.

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