Tender Greens’ newest fall menu items launched November 9 and are available through December.  

Holiday Steak Plate

Think classic comfort-food steakhouse deliciousness without having to actually go to a pricey steakhouse. Made with grilled top sirloin with a red wine reduction sauce, mashed sweet potatoes, roasted herb mushrooms, and a wedge salad, all for under $20.

And to top things off – ahead of Thanksgiving – the chain will also launch its very own gravy on November 9 – the perfect addition to its roster of holiday sides, including mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. Let Tender Greens take care of the sides and all you have to do is cook the Turkey.

And for those looking for other hearty meals on the go, the chain has recently released a series of three new Made-To-Crave Sandwiches:

Salumi & Provolone

Made with p. balistreri salami & cotto, mortadella, provolone, kale & sunflower seed pesto, giardiniera, and aioli on grilled sourdough.

Chicken Pesto

Featuring chicken breast, provolone, preserved tomatoes, arugula, kale & sunflower seed pesto, and aioli on grilled sourdough. 

Di Stefano Mozz

Crafted with di stefano mozzarella, preserved tomatoes, arugula, kale & sunflower seed pesto, and aioli on grilled sourdough.

Think of them as Italian deli classics with a modern California spin. Each sandwich has a personality and flavor of its own. But what brings them all together is the sourdough bread. It’s crunchy, chewy, and has that perfectly subtle tang that takes these sandwiches to new heights. Each slice is grilled to order and then brushed with our garlic herb oil

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