Teriyaki Madness has rolled out a newly improved catering program, which will allow shop owners to get their Asian-inspired fare into the mouths of new customers across their markets, even those who don’t visit the shop.

The updated catering program, which arrives after months of testing and collaboration with franchisees and suppliers, offers easier ordering and navigation for customers and a lucrative new revenue stream for franchisees. 

“We’re always looking for new ways to make it easier for our customers to get their hands on their favorite menu items, whether that’s through new technology like our TMAD app, incentives like our loyalty program and gift cards, or off-site service like the new catering program,” said Michael Haith, CEO of Teriyaki Madness.

While the program’s improvements are geared primarily toward consumer preferences, Haith says the program’s biggest winners are the franchisees.

“Catering is the difference between a shop that does well in its market and one that completely dominates it,” he said. “This update is going to take our shop owners to the next level.”

And because Teriyaki Madness’s diverse and customizable menu of fresh, high-quality ingredients allows customers to go as healthy (or … not healthy) as they please, the new catering option presents the perfect solution for feeding everyone in the office.

Like Teriyaki Madness’s in-store menu, the brand’s catering program will be available for online ordering through the Teriyaki Madness website.

“In many ways, this is just more of the same,” Haith said. “We are determined to stay nimble so that we can effectively meet the demands of our customers, franchisees, and an ever-changing marketplace. We keep our ears and eyes open, and we aggressively pursue improvements that serve the profitability of our franchisees, which is exactly what our new catering program does.”

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