This November, Teriyaki Madness (TMAD), the Seattle-style Teriyaki Shop franchise with locations all over the country, is officially bringing its beloved menu to the people of Rockaway. Tony Santarelli opened the newest Teriyaki Madness shop at 395 Mount Hope Ave Suite 600, Rockaway NJ, 07866 on November 10th. 

Santarelli’s Teriyaki Shop will offer huge, satisfying teriyaki bowls filled with addicting flavors and high-quality ingredients like all-natural marinated chicken, steak, salmon or tofu with fresh, stir-fry veggies and a base of steamed white, brown or fried rice or Yakisoba noodles. The best part? They’re healthy. Or not. The menu is fully customizable, so do your thing — we’re not judging. 

Santarelli hails from a family deeply rooted in entrepreneurship, having been raised in a home where his father was a company owner. This background instilled a strong desire to be his own boss. With over 20 years of experience in the fast food industry, Santarelli has successfully operated multiple Dunkin Donuts. His passion for simple, craveable food with a unique taste profile led him to join Teriyaki Madness. 

A people person with a high energy level, Santarelli is committed to ensuring that every guest has a fantastic experience at their TMAD locations. He has ambitious plans to build a minimum of five TMAD locations, demonstrating his dedication to expanding the brand’s presence. The choice of the Rockaway location was strategic, driven by the alignment of the brand with the area’s high-quality brands and strong demographics. 

“I wanted to find a food concept that had a highly craveable, simple menu that stood out from its competitors,” says Santarelli. “The taste profile of the simple menu and fresh food along with a demographic that will appreciate it was exactly what I was looking for.” 

To celebrate, Santarelli is inviting locals out to the Shop’s grand opening — and trust us, there ain’t no party like a teriyaki party because a teriyaki party don’t stop. Events from 11/10 through 11/17 will include: 

● 11/10 to 11/11: Customers can enjoy Junior and Regular Chicken Teriyaki Bowls for just $6 in-shop or by placing an order through the Teriyaki Madness app.

● 11/10:The Grand Opening celebration event kicks off with a chance for customers to win free Teriyaki Madness. The first five customers to place an order in shop receive free Teriyaki Madness for one year and the next twenty people who place an order in shop will receive free Teriyaki Madness for one month. 

● Plus, download the app and order between 11/12 and 11/17 to be entered to win free bowls for a month. 

Teriyaki Madness is expanding rapidly in markets across the U.S. and was named the number one Fastest-Growing Big Restaurant Chain in the U.S. by Restaurant Business. With more than 130 shops across three countries, Teriyaki Madness is continuing to change the franchising industry. Now, the brand is leveraging that momentum for an even bigger 2023. 

“Listen — there are some things in this world that you just can’t deny, and people’s love of Teriyaki Madness is one of them,” Michael Haith, CEO of Teriyaki Madness, says. “From customers and franchisees alike, the demand for Teriyaki Madness is growing everywhere, and we have no plans to slow down anytime soon. The Batista’s new location in Northport is a big moment for us and is another important step in our mission to bowl over the whole country with delicious teriyaki.” 

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