Thanx, the leading loyalty and guest engagement platform, announced its integration with Ovation, an actionable guest feedback platform that drives feedback, reviews, and revenue for restaurants. 

This announcement from Thanx layers on top of other recent updates to the platform, most notably the launch of advanced non-discount reward capabilities with Thanx’s redesigned Loyalty 3.0 engine. Thanx focuses on making data-driven marketing easy with a suite of marketing tools, campaign automations, and intuitive dashboard reporting.

Thanx’s integration with Ovation augments Ovation’s ability to prompt for customer feedback from verified purchases. With this integration, customers are prompted for feedback by Ovation for both digital and in-store purchases captured by Thanx enabling brands to aid in recovery efforts for negative experiences. Data captured from Thanx and Ovation can help operationalize feedback and uncover areas of improvement at the store level.

Ovation, recently voted the number one guest feedback solution for restaurants in a nationwide survey, uses a two-question, frictionless SMS-based (or e-mail) survey across all ordering channels through integrations, QR codes, and other survey tools.

With Ovation, customers can leave five-star reviews for positive experiences while unhappy customers can share privately what went wrong, enabling restaurant teams to easily resolve any concerns in real-time. Restaurants can leverage Ovation’s tools to discover trends through text and sentiment analysis and next-day supplementary questions. Using SMS-based technology and a more succinct survey format, Ovation restaurants’ surveys have a 23% higher take rate than the industry average.

“Thanx empowers marketers with data and easy-to-use tools that drive revenue; our non-discount loyalty and marketing automation campaigns are critical for personalization and retention. But customer feedback is another key ingredient, and our partnership with Ovation allows brands to take guest sentiment to the next level, well beyond Thanx’s basic built-in NPS tools,” explains Zach Goldstein, CEO and Founder of Thanx.

Ovation CEO and Founder, Zack Oates, expanded on the partnership, “I believe in what Thanx is about and in Zach Goldstein’s vision. We share a philosophy that loyalty is more than 11th meal free—it is about trust. Thanx and Ovation work together seamlessly to build and maintain that essential guest trust.”

And restaurant operators are already seeing tremendous benefits from the partnership. Akash Kapoor, CEO of the award-winning fast casual chain Curry Up Now, a Thanx and Ovation operator remarks, “Ovation has been a game-changer for us at Curry Up Now. We can interact with our guests through text, solve problems, or say thanks with a few clicks. And now with the Thanx integration, we can reach our guests who order online as well. The Thanx and Ovation partnership is a big win for restaurant tech.”

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