For a limited time only (through June 5, 2011) Gold Star Chili, “The Flavor of Cincinnati,” has added a hot and spicy new variation of the classic Cincinnati-style cheese coney to its menu: The Hot Mett Cheese Coney.

The Hot Mett Cheese Coney features a hot mettwurst, Gold Star’s famous Cincinnati-style chili, “Firehouse” sriracha sauce, and special hot jalapeño cheese, all on a soft steamed bun.

The coney is a fusion of two Cincinnati-area traditions and one of the nation’s most popular current dining trends. The cheese coney is a classic Cincinnati-style chili parlor menu item, and the use of a mettwurst instead of the traditional hot dog is a nod to Cincinnati’s German heritage.

The “heat,” supplied by the spices in the mett, the special Firehouse sauce, and jalapeño cheese allows Gold Star to capitalize on one of the “hottest” national culinary trends, the increasing numbers of diners who crave new and unique, hot and spicy food.

“Our new product research shows two things,” says Charlie Howard, Gold Star Chili vice president of marketing & brand development. “Our customers retain their passion and cult-like devotion to our traditional Cincinnati-style chili menu items, yet they still desire some new menu variety. The new Hot Mett Cheese Coney is the perfect synthesis of those customer desires.”

The Hot Mett Cheese Coney, like most of Gold Star’s menu items, also reflects another current culinary trend, the “locavore” movement—the sourcing of local menu ingredients.

Gold Star makes all of its chili locally in the commissary at its corporate headquarters. The spicy hot mett is provided by local Bluegrass Quality Meats, and the coney buns are baked locally and delivered fresh daily from Klosterman bakery.

“It’s hard to get more ‘pure Cincinnati’ than a Gold Star Chili cheese coney,” Howard says.

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