After a quarter-century of success, Tijuana Flats is expanding its footprint. The Tex-Mex favorite is announcing its return to franchising following a 13-year hiatus from that model.

Mostly based throughout the Southeast, with locations across Florida, Virginia and North Carolina, Tijuana Flats intends to make its national move targeting the eastern part of the United States and Texas.

“Founded in Orlando, Florida, Tijuana Flats has primarily been a Florida brand for 25 years, with its bold flavors and broad appeal we believe this brand could be very successful on a national level,” says Eric Taylor, Tijuana Flats Vice President of Development.

Re-igniting franchising gives Tijuana Flats more options to expand rapidly and take advantage of the growing market for Tex-Mex food. Tijuana Flats serves up its “Tex-Mex for All” through fresh, innovative food, a world-class hot sauce bar, colorful restaurants and over-the top service.

“We would really like see Tijuana Flats grow to its full potential,” says Taylor. “It’s a strong brand that has been mostly corporately owned for all of these years, but we feel like with franchising that we can grow the brand the right way.”

 In addition to belief in the brand, the optimism is a result of detailed research into real estate opportunities in the restaurant industry, allowing franchisees to confidently join in the growth of a widely celebrated business.

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