Atlanta-based Tin Drum Asiacafe will share traditional Chinese New Year festivities with guests at its 12 southeastern locations this year, deemed the Year of the Black Snake by ancient Chinese tradition. Starting February 8th, two days prior to the first day of the 15-day celebration, Tin Drum will feature the signature items from its diverse Pan Asian menu. 

Guests that order any signature items can purchase one of Tin Drum’s new premium teas for $1 including Traditional Black (sweet), Passion Fruit (sweet), and Green Blackberry Jasmine (unsweet).
Guests can also purchase our sachets – hot tea of Organic Green, Aromatic Organic Chai, or Organic Spring Jasmine for $1.00. All of Tin Drum’s premium teas are hand picked in China and never machine processed; and they are certified Kosher by KSA and certified Halal by IFANCA.
Tin Drum founder Steven Chan is launching the celebration to share childhood traditions from his native Hong Kong with guests. 
“Chinese New Year is a celebration of a ‘new beginning’ and is centered around family, friends, and abundant food,” says Chan. “I want to share all of these wonderful traditions with our guests – who are family – with a Tin Drum feast, which is thought to bring long life, prosperity, and good health.”
Through March 31st, Tin Drum’s locations will offer more than just traditional Chinese fare. Restaurant staff will wear the lucky color red along with armbands touting Nian, the monster dragon. Red will also be used throughout the café, wishing guests good fortune, health, happiness, or longevity.
Showcased menu items will include Tin Drum’s street-inspired take on traditional dishes including Mango Stir Fry, which has a sweet and spicy flavor that best describes the fiery celebration of Chinese New Year, or enjoy a Sing Chow Men noodle dish that symbolize long healthy life.   
While the focus is on the Chinese flavors this month, Tin Drum offers more than 35 menu items made with Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indian influences and 15 signature sauces. The chain also offers a wide variety of options to help manage special diets, including a gluten-free menu.
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