Toppers Pizza launched the ONOSYS online ordering system to better serve its college-age customers.

With several locations near college campuses, the implementation of online ordering at Toppers became top priority before the start of the school year. To streamline the fulfillment process, the online ordering was integrated with the Intura Vision POS solution at each Toppers Pizza location.

“We wanted to choose an online ordering system that was efficient, effective, and matches our unique brand,” says Scott Iversen, director of advertising and franchise development for Toppers. “Since we launched with ONOSYS two weeks ago, we’ve already seen 5 percent of our orders come through online. We expect this number to grow even more, and we’re glad to be working with a company dedicated to our success.”

“Working with Toppers and ONOSYS utilizing Intura’s Remote Order Interface technology we are pleased to see the positive results at an early stage,” says Gary W. Peek II, president of Intura.

“Within two weeks of implementing our system, Toppers has increased their average ticket size by 21 percent,” says Stan Garber, senior sales manager and partner of ONOSYS. “We are excited to see how our online ordering system continues to impact their sales volume by appealing to their tech-savvy consumer base of 18-24 year olds.”

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