Top executives of Tropical Smoothie Café will embark on a six-week, 4,000-mile “road show” to bring the annual company meeting to franchisees in nine different cities, saving their franchisees hundreds of dollars in transportation and lodging costs.

Local owners and their managers will learn new business strategies to increase sales and improve profitability, and then transform what they’ve learned into action plans with a timeline commitment for implementing the new systems to achieve the desired results.

Traveling in a colorful “rock star van” with the agenda “Fast & Furious: Fast Results through Furious Ambition,” Tropical Smoothie Café executives will make their initial stop in Destin, Florida, on February 15 for the first two-day conference in the road show. Other cities that top executives will visit include Palmetto, Florida; Ocoee, Florida; Suffolk, Virginia; Harrisonburg, Virginia; Delanco, New Jersey; Canton, Michigan; Memphis, Tennessee; and Las Vegas.

This is the second year in a row that Tropical Smoothie Café has brought its annual conference to franchisees to help them save travel and lodging expenses during a poor economy. More than 500 franchisees, managers, and crew members attended the road show in their local markets last year, and Tropical Smoothie Café expects an even bigger turnout this year.

“As last year proved, we’re able to reach more franchisees, managers, and crew members by bringing our annual conference to them,” says Jim Valentino, president and COO of Tropical Smoothie Cafe. “We give them the tools they need to increase profitability by giving consumers a healthier meal choice through our high-quality, innovative food and beverages.”

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