Ultimate Franchise Systems has purchased the Juicy Lucy’s Hamburger Drive-Thru Restaurants from HDOS Enterprises. The purchase adds eight restaurants to UFSY’s franchise family now encompassing 15 distinct brands. Juicy Lucy produced revenue of $3,300,000 last year.

Juicy Lucy’s is a double-drive-thru fast food chain with a menu based on hamburgers, and it also serves breakfast.

“While we are obviously excited by the significant revenue that Juicy Lucy’s will create,” said Christopher Swartz, chief exec of Ultimate Franchise Systems, “there are important operational and development impacts as well. The design footprints of these restaurants are highly adaptable to the large numbers of shopping and strip centers located throughout Florida. USFY has developed a large number of these relationships and now has the brands to capitalize on the opportunity.”

Mr. Swartz’s reference was to Caffino’s, a specialty coffee double-drive thru and Central Park Hamburgers. UFSY recently acquired Central Florida development rights for Caffino. “We expect this franchise expansion strategy will quickly increase the Juicy Lucy’s, Central Park Hamburger and Caffino’s units around the state.”

UFSY’s acquisition of Juicy Lucy’s is the company’s third asset in the fast-food hamburger market segment. UFSY also owns 25 percent of Flamer’s Burgers & Chicken and 100 percent of Central Park Hamburgers. Flamer’s now has 55 national and international locations. Central Park Hamburgers has 50 locations.

Ultimate Franchise Systems, Inc. currently has investments in approximately 603 franchised restaurants and 40 weight loss clinics in 30 states throughout the United States.

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