The Uncle Ben’s Brand introduces its improved Uncle Ben's Original Converted Brand Rice, delivering noticeably better taste, texture, and overall performance. As America’s number one brand, Uncle Ben's ensures the highest quality from start to finish. This includes the careful selection of its rice, using fewer than 10 specific varieties grown in the Mississippi Delta.

Along with selective growing and harvesting practices, Uncle Ben's continuously improves its process to meet consumer preferences. Uncle Ben's patented the Parboiled process over 70 years ago. The process steam seals B vitamins and minerals from the bran layer into the rice kernel. Rice grains retain integrity upon cooking resulting in a grain that does not get sticky and has a firmer texture.
For Uncle Ben’s Original Converted Brand Rice recipes, such as Grilled Snapper a la Veracruz or Applewood Bacon & Egg Breakfast Fried Rice and product information, call 1-800-432-2331.
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