Fans of Uncle Maddio's Pizza are now able to skip the line and order their favorite pizza with the ease and convenience of online ordering. The create-your-own fast-casual pizza franchise is rolling out online ordering around the country. Pizza lovers have the option to order from their computer or their phone. Using a smart application, the system will recognize if the order is coming from a computer or smart phone and will use geo targeting to locate the nearest restaurant. The new ordering system is expected to increase sales by 22 percent online and 15 percent mobile.

Online ordering is also making catering at Uncle Maddio’s fast and easy. Unlike many fast-casual pizza brands that only sell a 9-inch pizza, Uncle Maddio’s offers four sizes of pizza including medium and extra-large (and large salads), which are popular for catering orders for pickup.

Uncle Maddio’s began testing online ordering in late last year as part of the rollout of new POS equipment. Guests simply select their pickup location, date, and time; their desired menu item, which allows guests to personalize their pizza just like they can in the restaurant; and then securely enter their contact and payment information. The pizza will be ready for fast and easy in-store pick up at the selected Uncle Maddio’s restaurant. Returning online guests can also quickly select a previous order as the system recognizes past purchases.

“Besides offering great-tasting customizable pizzas, we have always made the speed of the ordering process our priority,” says Matt Andrew, Uncle Maddio’s CEO. “We know that our guests’ time is limited and now it is even easier and faster for them to enjoy their favorite pizza with the ease of technology.”

In addition to POS updates, Uncle Maddio’s implemented simple kitchen redesigns to accommodate online ordering. Restaurants have added a separate guest line for online order pick up only. Franchisees have also have the option of adding an additional high-speed oven to increase throughput. Previous pizza throughput was approximately 200 pizzas per hour. With the additional oven and line, franchisees can increased their throughput by 30 percent and the ovens only take six minutes to bake a pizza. The design changes allow for multiple pizza makers to make a pizza in only 30 seconds.

“Our new online ordering option is a key step in boosting sales and building new revenue streams,” says Scott Goodrich, Uncle Maddio’s COO. “With our online ordering, high speed ovens and high pizza throughput, we have a competitive advantage over other fast-casual pizza restaurants.”

Online ordering is being promoted through in-store POP and Uncle Maddio’s loyalty club, as well as through social media.

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