Unified Office, Inc., a leading managed services provider offering reliable hybrid cloud-based virtual communications services and business analytics, announced at the IoT Evolution Expo its new Total Connect Nowsm Operations Performance Suite 2.0 (TCNOPSTM 2.0). An Internet of Things (IoT) based operational performance service, TCNOPSTM 2.0, now not only monitors and analyzes IoT data but adds the ability to automatically or dynamically control thermostats and other components such as air conditioners, refrigeration equipment, make tables, stove exhaust vents, heaters, security and video systems, safe doors and other devices. TCNOPS will take actions based on trigger events generated from the IoT data that is collected and other internal intelligence. Most IoT systems simply monitor and receive IoT data, Unified Office has taken this one step further by enabling customers to make changes and control machines and other systems on their premises either manually or dynamically based on intelligence gathered by its underlying TCNOPS analytics engine. TCNOPS is also predictive in nature and can proactively spot underlying subtle changes in the devices being managed and report on them before they suffer a potential outage.

“Not only do people have important things to say but machines do as well and what they have to say is often mission critical to a business. They deserve the highest quality of service and the most reliable infrastructure,” says Ray Pasquale, CEO & founder of Unified Office. “TCNOPS 2.0 uses our highly reliable, broadband based highest quality routing transmission network (HQRP) to deliver and report business critical information utilizing the same platform that is the foundation of our Total Connect Now VoIP business communications system.”

For example a thermostat can be set to a limited temperature range(s) so that when the temperature goes above or below a certain level a predetermined action takes place to conform with existing compliance regulations and an alert is sent to management. This integrates with the Unified Office Operations Management Suite that provides analytics for all of a customer’s services and is easy to configure. Customers can view all indicators as well across all of their stores or offices, down to a single store or office location from any device, anywhere they happen to be at any time and manage them as well.

“Downtime on these critical systems can cost SMBs dearly in terms of regulatory compliance, lost revenues and potential reputational damage,” says Tom Phelan, CTO of Unified Office. “Network unavailability can derail any IoT system and the critical business functions that rely on it. This data gets top priority on our network. TCNOPS 2.0 is a simple, easy to use, pragmatic work horse for our clients that takes no time off.”

Unlike Other IoT providers:

TCNOPSTM is one of the IoT only offerings built from the ground up to solve pragmatic business problems for SMBs

Unified Office not only monitors and analyzes IoT data but it also controls devices that are set to react to that data.

Unified Office’s Highest Quality Routing Protocol (HQRP) transmission network provides superior VoIP/UC and IoT services without the need for costly dedicated T1 access lines or MPLS tunnels.

Unified Office uses the same highly reliable, secure broadband connection (HQRP) to deliver and report business critical information as it uses for our Total Connect Now sm business communications system, which offers high quality, high reliability business VoIP services.

TCNOPS extends beyond simple, real-time basic monitoring to proactive and predictive analysis, which can eliminate component failure before it becomes a problem.

Unified Office’s cloud is elastic and engineered to scale as needed to meet the demands of the largest of companies.

TCNOPS 2.0 enables quick-service restaurants and other SMBs to dramatically improve their operational performance and effectiveness using Unified Office’s new Internet of Things (IoT) based operational performance suite. TCNOPS integrates alerting and reporting functions for business-critical information into Unified Office’s industry leading Visual Performance Suite (VPS), advanced analytics platform.