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    Unique Pizza Partners with Latino Community

  • Industry News July 17, 2008
    Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation, in recognition of the large number of Latino shareholders the company has throughout California, Nevada, and Texas, and because of the existing commitments for new stores in those states, UPZS is working in conjunction with The Dream Factory Inc. and announcing a special partnership with the Latino community.

    According to the 2006 U.S. Census Bureau, Latinos make up 71 percent of the minority population of Texas, 64 percent of California, and 58 percent of Nevada. UPZS has announced that it plans to assist the first 30 Latino families in raising the necessary capital to open their own successful Unique Pizza and Subs establishments. Their UPZS franchise will range from full sit down restaurant locations to the new Unique Pizza and Subs mobile pizza kitchens. Any race is invited to participate, but their initial plan is to market to the Latino community.

    States President and CEO of UPZS, James C. Vowler, "In the early 90's while developing Unique Pizza, I spent almost a year living in Mexico City, which increased my understanding of the nuances of international franchising and the industrious, hard working Latino community.” Says Garland E. Harris, president and CEO of The Dream Factory Inc. “We appreciate the opportunity to work with Unique Pizza and Subs Corp. through our wholly owned subsidiary, Unique Franchise Operations Inc. We feel that the timing is perfect to provide up to $5 Million in capital per family to fund the next 30 Latino families that desire to own their own restaurants and truly participate in the American Dream.”