VerTerra, a New York–based company that produces dinnerware from fallen leaves and compostable wooden cutlery, is now launching VerTerra Compostable Trays + To-Go, its first new product line in 2013.

“Our new Trays + To-Go line is a chic, sustainable alternative to bland clamshells and yesteryear plastic that fill up our landfills. We recognize that being eco-friendly is not a trend, but rather a lifestyle,” says Michael Dwork, VerTerra CEO. “Consumers appreciate organizations that provide exciting options that are eco-conscious and attractive. Expanding our product line with our new compostable Trays + To-Go boxes benefits both businesses and consumers.”

Sourced from leftover wood and wrapped in rice paper, the Tray + To-Go collection features three series of trays and four sizes of to-go boxes.

To-Go serves as amore sustainable way for hotels, caterers, gourmet stores, bakeries, and restaurants to present, transport, deliver, and package food. The products are intended for single use and are more durable than their plastic counterparts.

“We hope to redefine the words take out and to go,” Dwork says. “The collection of Trays + To-Go allows the food industry to transport their meals to off-premise locations, deliver food to consumers, and showcase meals, bakery, and gourmet goods in an elegant manner that is cost-effective and eco-friendly, while protecting the food.”

The first of the collection is the DE Series. With its fixed and angled sides, the DE Series is ideal for heavier dishes and passing around hors d’oeuvres. There are six varieties to select, including a boat-tray shape.

The CS Series designed for functionality features a collapsible design that allows for easy transportation to off-premise events. With three sizes available, the series takes up 30 percent less space than the fixed-sided series, but easily transforms into a fully functional serving tray.

The LB Series highlights a unique design. Its box-shape is constructed with double-thick sides and a slot-and-lock lid. There are four sizes available.

“It’s exciting to bring our vision and goal to the public and share the news that single-use foodservice products can be both responsible and attractive,” Dwork says. “Consumers may not directly buy the new Trays + To-Go line, yet they will certainly look favorably on the progressive organizations using our products and respond to the look, feel, and eco-friendliness of VerTerra.”