Subway, the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain, is announcing the re-appointment of longtime development agent, Wayne Levin.

To aid in the chain’s international development efforts, Levin and business partner, Kris Selka, will be relocating to southern Poland, in order to oversee restaurant operations and franchise recruitment in that country.

Levin, managing director of Sub Sandwiches of Polska Sp. z.o.o, had been with the Subway organization for nearly 24 years, opening his first restaurant in the United States as a franchisee in Norwich, Connecticut, in 1975. In 1982, he became a development agent for the South Florida market, an area known as a leading tourist destination with a large culturally diverse population. Building the business to include more than 200 Subway restaurants in Florida and the Bahamas, Levin retired in 1999.

“While visiting Poland last year, I became fascinated with the culture and the economy that was developing and found it to be a rather exciting challenge to bring the Subway concept to a new economically emerging nation,” says Levin. “The southern half of Poland has approximately 22 million people, and we expect to develop well over 100 locations from our main office in Krakow.”

Levin’s partner, Selka, who was born in Poland and lived in the village of Zapolice as a young man, will take an active role in helping to develop Subway there. “Kris helped introduce me to this beautiful nation and has been extremely helpful in getting us prepared to take on this venture,” Levin says. “We believe in the international development of Subway and Europe is the next undeveloped frontier. Just as I moved to Florida 25 years ago to assist in the national growth of Subway, I look forward to being part of the future of the brand’s European development.”

Levin says his personal motto, “Miles of success, one foot at a time,” is a tribute to lessons that he learned from many years of experience, and his understanding that the success of Subway in Poland will be directly attributed to their level of persistence, quality of work, and the introduction of the Subway product line, “one sandwich at a time.”

Subway Restaurants has nearly 16,000 locations in 74 countries.

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