Visstun has added a new 8oz-R8 cup size and 14oz-R4 cup size to their inventory.

Using the industry standard 3.839” rim OD, the new 8oz-R8 and 14oz-R4 cups are easy to fill on pint equipment and use the same lids as the industry standard Pint-R6.  This provides customers with four sizes: 8oz-R8, 14oz-R4, 16oz-R6, and 500ml-R7 that all share a common lid and 3.839” rim OD. 

“The 8oz-R8 and 14oz-R4 complete a line of cups that are perfect for use on ice cream filling equipment,” says Paula Thompson, Director of Sales.  “Another great feature of the 8oz-R8 specifically, is that they allow customers to sell half-pints in the same shelf space as the pint.  Two of them stack in the same space as one standard ice cream pint.  For retail shelf space, this is fantastic.” The R8 and R4 are both available in Paper Cold, Paper Hot and Microwavable Paper. 

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