Supply Chain Services LLC (SCS) announced an agreement with 17-unit VooDoo BBQ & Grill LLC to provide a full complement of supply chain management services for its company-owned and franchised VooDoo BBQ & Grill restaurants located in Louisiana, Florida, and South Carolina. Founded in New Orleans in 2002, VooDoo BBQ is serving up a menu that delivers a fusion of Southern barbecue and Louisiana Cajun flavors in a fast-casual environment.

SCS is developing a customized supply chain strategy for VooDoo BBQ, as well as providing day-to-day management of the chain’s food, packaging, and smallwares purchasing and distribution activities. In addition to day-to-day supply chain management activities, SCS is also VooDoo BBQ’s purchasing agency-of-record for furniture, fixtures and equipment, signage, stainless, and millwork.

“Positioned in the fastest growing segment in the restaurant industry, VooDoo BBQ is a fast-casual franchise offering guests a combination of comfort foods and traditional barbecue favorites with a New Orleans style flavor and magic,” says Steve Pattison, SCS general manager. “SCS is pleased to be chosen to provide a full menu of supply chain services which will support VooDoo’s aggressive growth plans.”

“This partnership is founded upon growing VooDoo BBQ’s profitably. With SCS managing our supply chain for all goods and materials, we will have a single source focused on reducing cost without sacrificing the quality of the VooDoo BBQ experience. The scalability of SCS allows us to provide the support of a much larger company and we believe that other smaller brands could benefit in a strategic partnership such as this one,” says Glen Helton, VooDoo BBQ president.

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