WAND Corporation recently announced its NextGenPOS system can now integrate with LevelUp's mobile payment system. Both companies develop software that simplifies work performed at the counter and that provides detailed reports showing how customers make purchases.

These detailed sales reports result from an intuitive system connection made by a single USB hookup. Whenever a LevelUp QR code is scanned at the counter, WAND's POS processes the sale and prepares it for the reports unique to each system. Once processed, restaurant managers can have better ability to track the success of their efforts.

"Two things are driving the next generation of restaurant marketing," says WAND president Dave Perrill. "Software that provides detailed customer information and that is easy to use. WAND's integration with LevelUp is driven by both."

Marketing efforts will benefit from connecting the WAND and LevelUp systems. When a restaurant manager promotes a campaign on LevelUp, they'll then be able to see how successful the campaign was by comparing sales that used LevelUp to sales on the NextGen POS.

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