Since July, millions of Americans have ordered Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger. Now Wendy's is further fueling the nation's pretzel craze by offering the answer to every chicken lover's desire: Pretzel Pub Chicken, a hearty pub-inspired chicken sandwich served on the signature artisan pretzel bun. 

"Chicken sandwich lovers told us at the front counter, the drive thru, and especially in 140 character tweets why they deserved the pretzel treatment—and we're responding in a big way," says Liz Geraghty, Wendy's vice president of brand marketing. "If your neighborhood upscale pub teamed up with Wendy's to create a chicken sandwich, the Pretzel Pub Chicken would be it."

The pub-style sandwich features:

  • An artisan-baked, authentic pretzel bun. Wendy's pretzel buns are made using the same process of traditional soft pretzels, giving them a rich interior flavor and slightly chewy rich crust that enhances the taste of the Pretzel Pub Chicken Sandwich. Each pretzel bun is hand cut, giving each one its own special appearance.
  • Pub-inspired flavors. The Pretzel Pub Chicken starts with an all-white meat breast fillet, slightly breaded and topped with a spring mix and sliced red tomato. A slice of Muenster cheese adds a rich flavor, along with warm Cheddar cheese sauce and sweet and savory honey mustard, all enclosed in the signature toasted artisan pretzel bun.
  • Three chicken fillets, made to order. Like all Wendy's sandwiches, the Pretzel Pub Chicken is made to order with customers’ choice of toppings. Customers can order the lightly breaded Homestyle, signature Spicy, or freshly Grilled.
  • Fast-casual quality at a quick-serve price. The recommended price for the Pretzel Pub Chicken sandwich is $4.79 U.S. (prices will vary by market).

The Pretzel Pub Chicken is another component of Wendy's ongoing brand transformation efforts, which also includes menu innovations; the re-imaging of restaurants with a bold, contemporary look; an updated Wendy's logo; new crew uniforms; consumer-preferred menuboards and packaging; and a completely overhauled 

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