Industry News | May 14, 2013

What Makes a Frosty Better? A Waffle Cone, Wendy's Says

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Wendy’s is giving fans another way to enjoy the Frosty with the new Wendy’sFrosty Waffle Cone.

“There is nothing better than a Frosty, and nothing worse than an empty Frosty cup,” says Liz Geraghty, Wendy’s vice president of brand marketing. “With the Frosty Waffle Cone, you can enjoy America’s favorite treat for a few more delicious moments. It’s the biggest thing to happen to the Frosty since fries.”

The Frosty Waffle Cone is available in both vanilla and chocolate flavors for a suggested retail price of $1.49.

The Frosty Waffle Cone joins the Frosty family of treats, which includes the original Chocolate, Vanilla, Frosty Shake (Strawberry, Chocolate, or Caramel), Caramel Apple Frosty Parfait, OREO Frosty Parfait, and Frosty Float.