Talk about loyal fans. On August 8, Whataburger's biggest fans, Karl and Carol Hoepfner–retired Air Force Master Sergeants from Rockport, Texas–completed their record-setting tour of every Whataburger location in the country (729 stores in 10 states).

A celebration was held at their final tour stop at unit 707 in Dallas. Whataburger COO Clifton Rutledge and Hugh Dobson, son of Whataburger founder Harmon Dobson, presented the Hoepfners with a brand new minivan–to the surprise of the couple–to thank them for their passion for the company and to celebrate the completion of their tour.

After being named Whataburger's biggest fans in 2010, the road trip was the couple's idea. Carol had been diagnosed with eye cancer, and the couple wanted to take their minds off the treatment by visiting their favorite restaurant instead of waiting at the hospital between rounds of chemotherapy.

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