Moe’s Southwest Grill announced the availability of its new whole grain tortilla, which offers a nutritious alternative to Moe’s flour tortillas for Moe’s guests.

Available for quesadillas, burritos, junior burritos, and salad bowls, the whole grain tortilla offers vital nutrients including antioxidants, B vitamins, fiber, healthy fats and proteins.

“We tested a variety of tortillas, but decided on whole grain because of the great taste and nutritional benefits,” says Dan Barash, director of R&D for Moe’s Southwest Grill. “Whole grains provide the rich balance of nutrients that are found in the original grain seed.”

The whole grain tortilla joins a variety of specialized ingredients, including tofu, grilled vegetables, chopped cucumber, jalapenos, house-made guacamole, and pico de gallo, that make dining easy for vegetarians and vegans alike.

“At Moe’s we follow the necessary guidelines for vegetarians, such as cooking our veggies on a separate grill and serving cheese and sour cream that is free of gelatin and animal rennet,” Barash says. “The population living the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle is growing, as is the population of people looking for healthy options at chain restaurants. I’m proud to say that Moe’s has been happily serving these groups since day one. The whole grain tortilla takes our healthy offerings to the next level.”

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