Wienerschnitzel has experienced a 22 percent average sales increase across the brand, over the past six consecutive months, from May 1—October 31, 2020. 

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, many Wienerschnitzel franchise owners are experiencing record high sales—and there is little sign of them slowing down.  Even in states where indoor dining is restricted or closed, most operators are still experiencing record sales through drive-thru, takeout, and mobile delivery.

What explains Wienerschnitzel’s double digit sales growth in the midst of the pandemic?

  • Drive-thru is ideal for social distancing: Consumers continue to seek food with the most ease, safety, and access from the comfort of their own vehicle
  • Enhanced and efficient drive-thru: Wienerschnitzel has 59 years of establishing best practices, and was able to quickly adapt new operational and training procedures to maximize sales and guest experience in the drive-thru
  • Comfort food is in demand. Conscious or not: guests coming in droves seek a familiar food that brings back fond memories, good feelings and tastes great
  • Winning new customers: Many new guests are enjoying the unique menu and are returning for repeat visits
  • Low food costs: Despite various disruptions in the food-chain during the pandemic, Wienerschnitzel continues to thrive with quick-service industry low cost-of-goods at 25 percent or less


Wienerschnitzel has one of the most distinctive menus in the segment. That very few chicken, pizza, or burger concepts have experienced the same level of success during the pandemic is telling. By focusing on proprietary and gourmet hot dogs, or fan-favorite chili-cheese dogs and Tastee Freez soft serve desserts, Wienerschnitzel provides a sense of nostalgia, fun, and comfort at a time when Americans need it the most.

Another key reason behind the success is the result of how the leadership team mobilized resources to ensure that franchisees were able to operate safely and efficiently, while quickly implementing new drive-thru best practices.  After nearly 60-years in business, Wienerschnitzel’s new training and operational practices went into warp speed, focusing on quality guest experience, and maximizing profitability for its franchise owners.

Throughout the segment, there have been a number of successful brand stories during the pandemic. While drive-thru concepts have maintained an edge for guest capture and increased sales, those brands with forward thinking and simple operations have well-surpassed a field of just, ‘up double-digits’ in sales.

“While there’s no such thing as a recession-proof business, Wienerschnitzel is proving to be a thriving business in the wake of COVID-19,” says Ted Milburn, Director, Franchise Development for Wienerschnitzel. “The sales that our franchise owners are experiencing in their restaurants is a reflection of the strength of our business model, and judging from the vast interest and selection pool of new investors, it’s a testament that we’re very excited about the future of Wienerschnitzel.”

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