Each season at Cinnabon, new flavors are added to the menu, providing a variety of options and a choice in indulgence. This season, Cinnabon bakeries bring the ripe, sweet flavors of raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. Guests who love the traditional Cinnabon Classic Roll, fun-sized MiniBon Roll, or Center of the Roll can customize their favorites by adding a Wild Berry topping.

“This summer, the Wild Berry product line will offer Cinnabon fans everywhere the chance to enjoy the delicious goodness of their favorite treats with the added taste of summer’s delicious fruit for some irresistible combinations,” says Kristen Hartman, vice president of marketing for Cinnabon. “But we didn’t stop there. Our extended line of signature blended and iced beverages are an important part of our menu and sales growth. For our guests who crave a refreshing beverage, nothing beats our newest Wild Berry Frozen Lemonade.”

At Cinnabon, guests can enjoy a variety of treats, all baked oven fresh with Makara cinnamon and brown sugar, and served with signature cream-cheese frosting. Popular permanent menu items are the Classic Roll; the MiniBon, a smaller version of the Classic Roll; Center of the Roll; and the most recent grab-and-go addition, CinnaSweeties. Cinnabon also offers a full line of made-to-order blended beverages, including the MochaLatta Chill and a lineup of flavored Chillattas.

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