The Win-Holt Equipment Group announced today that it has greatly expanded its supply chain network in the Midwest and Southeast US.

Win-Holt has increased the square footage of its Dallas, TX facility and has added a new Atlanta, GA distribution site. With the addition and expansion of these two locations, Win-Holt will have the ability to house an increased inventory level of finished goods for its Customers. This inventory will be immediately available to Win-Holt Customers and includes its “Express Ship” stocking program that guarantees shipments of a wide range of items within five business days to anywhere in the US.

Dominick Scarfogliero, Win-Holt President and Chief Operating Officer, states, “Win-Holt is continuing to expand despite the economic climate, as we are dedicated to improving service to our Customers. Our multiple distribution locations will provide expanded in-stock inventory. The expansion of our stainless steel and custom foodservice business is also requiring that we increase the total company square footage as the company continues to grow.”

Win-Holt’s four distribution centers (PA, GA, TX, CA) allow Win-Holt to keep product close to its Customers, reducing both order turn-around time and shipping costs, helping to improve Customer profitability. Win-Holt Customers can use the Win-Holt supply chain network as a Just-In-Time (JIT) service and draw from the inventory for their orders.