GiftAMeal, an innovative cause-marketing program that turns customer photos into meals for local families in need, announces its collaboration with Wing Snob. Starting December 1, 2023 GiftAMeal will be implemented at all 31 Wing Snob locations, marking a significant step forward in their shared mission to combat hunger and support local communities. 

Wing Snob, renowned for its array of wing offerings, is not only committed to satisfying taste buds but also to making a positive impact in the neighborhoods it serves. Through this strategic partnership with GiftAMeal, Wing Snob customers can play a direct role in supporting their local communities. Guests will be able to scan a GiftAMeal QR code at Wing Snob and upload a photo of their food. For every customer photo, a donation will be made to a nearby food bank, covering the cost of distributing one meal’s worth of healthy groceries to a neighborhood pantry.

“We are thrilled to welcome Wing Snob into the GiftAMeal family,” says Andrew Glantz, GiftAMeal CEO. “Their commitment to community and quality aligns perfectly with our mission to make a positive change in the lives of those facing food insecurity, and I can’t wait to see the impact we will make together.”

GiftAMeal recently celebrated a milestone, surpassing 1.6 million meals donated through its platform. The collaboration with Wing Snob is expected to significantly contribute to this growing impact, fostering a strong sense of community engagement and social responsibility.

Founders of Wing Snob, Jack Mashini and Brian Shunia, express their enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Joining forces with GiftAMeal is more than just a partnership; it’s a commitment to nourishing our communities. At Wing Snob, we believe in spreading joy through flavor. Alongside GiftAMeal, we’re serving up moments of connection and care for those in need. GiftAMeal blends social impact and a fun customer experience, allowing Wing Snob patrons to effortlessly share photos of their experience while making a meaningful difference.” 

GiftAMeal and Wing Snob invite the community to join them in making a difference one photo at a time. Together, they aim to create a ripple effect of positive change, turning shared moments into tangible support for those facing food insecurity.

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