Wingstop Inc. fans are notoriously passionate, and when Wingstop’s first run of their Hot Honey Rub ran dry last summer, fans freaked. Today, The Flavor Experts responded to an overwhelming demand to bring the craveable sweet heat of Hot Honey Rub back to menus nationwide for a limited time with an added bonus: exclusive Instagram Close Friends access for its most vocal fans.  

The craze kicked off in June 2022 when Wingstop introduced its take on the popular hot honey flavor with a craveable, crunchy, sweet, fiery dry rub. Unlike the sticky, gooey honey texture that was expected, Wingstop debuted a less messy flavor that brings out the sweetness of honey with a bold kick from cayenne pepper and ancho chili, which can be hand sauced-and-tossed on the Wingstop Chicken Sandwich, classic wings, boneless wings or tenders.

Fans joked that they would, sell their soul for Wingstop’s Hot Honey Rub to return, saying, “a part of me died” when the flavor ran its limited-time-only course – calling it “the worst thing to ever happen to me.” To mend broken hearts, some of Wingstop’s most vocal superfans were the first to hear the official news by being added to the brand’s first-ever Instagram Close Friends list at midnight on Feb. 5.

And Wingstop isn’t stopping there. Curious flavor seekers who share their fiery fandom on social with the hashtag #WingstopHotHoney will have the chance to be added to the Close Friends group today through Feb. 13, 2023. Those with the most engagement will make the group and reap hot rewards, like limited-edition merch and insider brand knowledge. Some content will even be boosted by Wingstop and appear as sponsored advertisements in exchange for Wingstop gift cards.

“True to our position as The Flavor Experts, Wingstop’s Hot Honey Rub is unlike anything else out there,” said Michael Skipworth, Wingstop’s President & CEO. “We saw how much hype there was around the flavor when it first launched and we’re here to tell flavor fans that we heard you – we’re bringing Hot Honey Rub back again!”

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