Wireless Ronin Technologies, a leading marketing technologies solutions provider, has published a new white paper outlining how the increasing widespread use of mobile devices offers new, more powerful ways for brick-and-mortar, B-to-C companies to connect with their customers while they shop.

Applications reach far beyond scanning QR codes. New digital media technologies integrate customer mobile devices with in-store signage, allowing companies to deliver personalized content, increase two-way communication, and leverage the relationship for others to see via digital displays.

The white paper provides example applications such as downloading dynamic coupons from a digital display, filtering a restaurant menu for allergens, or playing an interactive game on an in-store screen using the customer’s smartphone as a controller.

With mobile device integration, brick-and-mortar locations can increase customer engagement, drive purchase decisions, and provide relevant offers.

In addition to achieving these key business objectives, mobile device usage has operational benefits, such as reduced equipment and maintenance costs; reduced printed coupon and POP costs; and reduced training costs and improved staff knowledge. 

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