Freshii is unlike traditional companies, with more than 50 percent of Freshii’s executive team members being women. In a world where the executive committees of the top 100 companies are 83 percent men, Freshii’s executive makeup is truly impressive and fits the brand’s unique DNA.

International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress, but also to celebrate the women who have achieved extraordinary milestones in their companies and their communities.

Today, Freshii celebrates five female leaders that continue to play a pivotal role in the company’s impressive growth. “We don’t hire based on gender. We hire wicked smart people who align with our culture and mission, have experience in brands that we admire and share our passion for helping citizens of the world live better. And five of our key executives happen to be women, as does the majority of our HQ team,” says Matthew Corrin, Freshii founder & CEO. “I’m inspired by the women on our team. And as a father of two young girls who spend lots of their free time at Freshii HQ, it’s great to know they are surrounded by strong role models.”

The female perspectives at Freshii’s HQ keep the brand on the pulse of health & wellness culture and ensure it stays relevant to to Freshii’s target audience. When boardrooms are skewed in one direction, disruptive thinking and creativity can be limited. When it comes to hiring great people, creating a brand that energizes guests across all platforms and developing unique food experiences, these two things are critical.

Freshii’s VP of People Culture, Ashley Dalziel, joined the company in February 2016 after nine years at Lululemon. Today, Dalziel leads program development, internal communication, guest experience and training across Freshii’s international network. To many, this is Human Resources. But Dalziel sees it differently. “My vision is that every Freshii employee feels that they can achieve their personal, business, financial and philosophical goals in one place, here at Freshii. That’s why we say #iiforever.” Dalziel’s distinct point of view drives Freshii to identify, attract and hire energizing and hardworking teams around the world. And it shows. Only eight months after Dalziel joined the Freshii family, the company was awarded Best Workplace Culture at the 2016 Canadian HR Awards.

Melissa Gallagher started her journey at Freshii in October 2016 as VP of Marketing. Prior to Freshii, Gallagher was a Partner and Vice President at Karo Group, where she oversaw the marketing strategy and execution of Subway Restaurants. In 2014 Gallagher received Marketing Magazine’s 30 Under 30 award, a testament to her impressive drive and sharp strategic thinking.  She’s brought these qualities with her to Freshii, already implementing initiatives for 2017. “I’m proud to be part of a company that values ambition, experience and performance above all else,” says Gallagher. Outside of Freshii, Gallagher spends her time at Elle Fitness and Social, a women-only fitness studio that she co-owns.

Jenny Hoshoian, Freshii’s Head of Supply Chain, has a background managing multi-million-dollar food service accounts. Today, Hoshoian oversees the company’s entire supply chain, working with vendors and negotiating the best contracts on behalf of Freshii’s several hundred franchise Partners. In other words, Hoshoian is as tough as she is smart. Her 11 years as a Naval Communicator in the Canadian Armed Forces is a testament to this.

Toni Ronayne is the latest to join the Freshii family as VP of Operations. Ronayne has 17 years of leadership under her belt spanning across multiple industries, including beauty, fashion and food service. Ronayne’s held senior roles at Aveda Canada, Starbucks, Aritzia and Teavana, which speaks to her passion for entrepreneurialism but also her passion for building dynamic teams. “My mission is to help others realize their potential and achieve their dreams. I can’t wait do this at Freshii,” says Ronayne. She is also the co-founder of H20 TORONTO, a charitable event focused on supporting women & girls and providing villages in Africa access to clean water.

Impressively, the female leadership at Freshii extends well beyond the HQ walls.

Michele Romanow, who was listed as one of the top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada and the only Canadian to rank as one of the top 20 most disruptive “Millennials on a Mission,” was appointed to Freshii’s Board of Directors when the company went public in January. “We are so grateful to have Michele on our board. She brings a level of incredibly smart thinking that will guide us as we enter new markets around the world,” says Corrin.

Talk is cheap and execution sets you apart is a guiding principle at Freshii. Don’t just talk about women in leadership; hire them and watch them elevate the company to a new level. One might even say, a public level.

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