National franchise chain Woody’s Bar-B-Q debuts a new concept in marketing and fashion – the Forever Shirt.

With a tagline that reads “Buy It, Love It, Wear It Forever,” the Forever Shirt is available online and through Woody’s Bar-B-Q franchises all across the nation. For $29.95 (+ shipping), buyers of the Forever Shirt will not only receive one heck of a good-looking garment, they will be granted a 20 percent discount for themselves and a party of up to four for the life of the shirt whenever they wear it to dine in at their local Woody’s Bar-B-Q.

Made of a comfortable DRI-FIT knit fabric , this Nike brand polo shirt comes complete with the “Woody’s Bar-B-Q Forever Shirt” logo on the front, Nike swoosh emblem on the sleeve, and is available in seven colors – white, black, midnight navy, and urban haze green for men, and white, varsity royal blue, varsity red, and fairway blue for women.

The Forever Shirt doubles as a stylish bib for notoriously messy fare such as Woody’s Signature Baby Back Ribs and Loaded Mesquite Grilled Chicken Breasts in Woody’s own Sweet Sauce. Although wearers are encouraged to wash their Forever Shirt between visits, the number of stains accumulated over time should be worn with pride – a sure sign of their love for Woody’s Bar-B-Q.

“We’re very excited about this promotion – the brainchild of our very own CFO, John Zitello,” explains Tammy Poudrier, director of marketing for the Florida-based barbecue franchise chain. “We’re accustomed to raising the bar a little higher when it comes to the creation of great authentic Southern barbecue, but now we’re making a daring move into the fashion world. Just think of it, Woody’s Bar-B-Q could make shirt stains a growing fashion trend! In all seriousness, we believe the Forever Shirt is a wonderful way for our fans – many of whom have been with us since we first opened our doors over 30 years ago – to show their love of Woody’s Bar-B-Q with pride and receive a great discount for the life of their shirt at the same time.”

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