Jacksonville-based Woody’s Bar-B-Q currently has a slew of authentic Southern barbecue franchises in Florida, Utah, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, with more to follow shortly in Georgia. While their long-term goal is to eventually have their special brand of slow smoked meats and signature sauces represented at Woody’s locations across all 48 states of the Continental U.S., there is no need for true barbecue fans to wait for a franchise to open its doors in their hometown. Woody’s online store represents the perfect marriage of old-fashioned recipes and state-of-the-art technology. With just a click of the mouse, visitors to the Woody’s Bar-B-Q website can order up barbecue sauces in three flavors, as well as four of Woody’s most popular smoked meats – all shipped right to their front door.


The following menu items are available to order through Woody’s Bar-B-Q Online Store:


  • Pork Spare Ribs – Four pounds of tender, meaty spare ribs basted in Woody’s famous sauce and slow smoked. This package feeds approximately six hungry rib eaters and is shipped with a pint of sweet sauce.

  • Pulled Chicken – Four pounds of boneless chicken, marinated in Woody’s sweet sauce. This package feeds approximately eight to 10 people and is shipped with a pint of sweet sauce.

  • Sloppy Woody – Four pounds of Woody’s most popular dish – a tangy combination of Woody’s secret sauce and Bar-B-Q Pork. This package feeds approximately eight to 10 people and is shipped with a pint of sweet sauce.

  • Carolina Pulled Pork – A Floridian twist on a Carolina classic. Four pounds of slow-smoked pulled pork shipped with a pint of Woody’s Carolina-inspired Tangy Mustard sauce. This package feeds eight to 10 people.

  • Woody’s Smokin’ Hot Bar-B-Q Sauce – Available in a gallon jug

  • Woody’s Southern Sweet Bar-B-Q Sauce – Available in a 17 ounce bottle or gallon jug

  • Woody’s Tangy Mustard Bar-B-Q Sauce – Available in a 17 ounce bottle or gallon jug


Meats are all slow-smoked in keeping with Woody’s Bar-B-Q’s high standards, flash-frozen to seal in the flavors, packaged in dry ice, and delivered within two days via Fed Ex. All meat orders feature free shipping. Shipment comes complete with instructions on how to thaw and reheat in order to bring the unique taste of Woody’s to any family picnic, gathering of friends, neighborhood barbecue, pool party, or simply the kitchen table at home.


“We are thrilled to have an opportunity to offer our special brand of barbecue to individuals and families all across the nation,” says Yolanda Mills-Mawman, co-founder of Woody’s Bar-B-Q. “While our restaurants are not located in every state across the nation – yet – that shouldn’t deny people the chance to enjoy some of our most popular dishes. It could be that they happened upon Woody’s during a visit to Florida, used to live here and are homesick for our food, or are simply curious to learn what the buzz is about. No matter the reason, we invite barbecue fans everywhere to pay a visit to our online store and try a sampling from our menu. Once they do, we know they’ll be back for more!”


Woody’s online store also features Q Cards; T-shirts showcasing a number of Woody’s signature phrases: “We Smoke Butt,” “I’m a Total Pig,” “Woody’s Pulled My Pork,” “Best Racks in Town,” and more; and the new Forever Shirt – a high-end Nike brand polo shirt made of DRI-FIT knit fabric with the “Woody’s Bar-B-Q Forever Shirt” logo on the front and Nike swoosh emblem on the sleeve. Available in seven colors, when the Forever Shirt is worn into a Woody’s Bar-B-Q location – it affords the wearer and up to four guests a 20 percent discount for the life of the shirt.

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