Worcester Industrial Products Newest "Shortening Shuttle Waste Oil Carrier," hopes to meet today's trends.


Transporting hot waste cooking oil for disposal remains one of a commercial kitchens most dangerous and yet critical jobs. Today's newest fryers have moved their waste oil outlets lower to the ground, and yet workers often have to dispose of that oil into tall collection containers. The potential injury from spilled hot oil is dramatic and costly, putting the kitchen's owner/operator at significant financial risk. In response the move toward lower drains and higher dumpsters Worcester Industrial Products new SS-709-T "Shortening Shuttle" Waste Oil Carrier is ready to meet the challenge.


With its low fill point and ‘easy pivot’ to empty, it's a "fill it, roll it, dump it" solution, minimizing the employee's exposure to hot liquid, and making quick work of a very dirty, risky job. Simplicity in its design makes the NEW SS-709-T a companion to today's newly designed fryers and disposal devices.


The SS-709-T Economy Model joins a family of five other Shortening Shuttle Waste Oil Carriers, including a large capacity manual pump, designed to solve disposal challenges, no matter the need. Variables such as fryer drain and/or waste collection container height can easily be addressed.