WyckWyre Food & Hospitality Online Hiring Systems and Keeping It Kleen announced that WyckWyre has acquired Keeping It Kleen, an industry leader in online food safety training.

With this acquisition, WyckWyre plans to take Keeping It Kleen's training platform and use it to create a learning management system that allows employers to manage branded training content, assign courses to employees, and track overall progress.

"The acquisition shows our commitment to creating the first food and hospitality-specific talent management system," says Lisa DiVirgilio, WyckWyre's company director. "WyckWyre and Keeping It Kleen coming together strengthens our customers' ability to not only hire, but train and retain excellent employees all on one platform."

Founded in 2011, Keeping It Kleen has provided online food safety training to independent and franchise concepts alike. WyckWyre will continue to use Keeping It Kleen's content team to help employers create unique training materials as well as allowing customers to upload and use their already-developed content.

"WyckWyre is passionate about increasing talent retention rates and empowering employees. Employers who use well-developed training programs have an average turnover reduction of around 30 percent, so creating an easy-to-use training platform was the next logical step in our company's development," DiVirgilio says. "While creating this, we are taking into account how to ideally train a restaurant or hospitality employee and creating a cloud-based talent management system with that industry-specific research in mind."

The training module, scheduled to be released mid-2014, will fully integrate with WyckWyre's hiring and digital onboarding systems, allowing for a completely seamless experience from sourcing to training.

WyckWyre also plans also create a retail brand based on Keeping It Kleen's food safety and handling products, which will first be sold throughout Mainesource Food & Party Warehouse locations in the Northeast, with plans to branch out to other retailers throughout late 2014 into early 2015. 

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