Yogurtland announced today that it has signed a multiple store development agreement with to expand to Indonesia. Business partners Franseda Natalio, William Siawira, and Erwin Sujono have formed Yogurtland Indonesia Global Mandiri to bring the brand to consumers across this large country.

The plans are in place to open more than 10 Yogurtland locations in Indonesia over the next three years.  The first location is planned for opening this October at the Central Park Mall.

“The Yogurtland family is excited to welcome, Frans, William, and Erwin. Their combined experience and track record of excellence will ensure guests in Indonesia will enjoy a wonderful Yogurtland experience,” says Phillip Chang, CEO and founder of Yogurtland.

Indonesians want variety as they focus more and more on healthy lifestyle trends.

“We are impressed with the value Yogurtland delivers and the company’s commitment to quality. Our team is ready to develop the Yogurtland brand as the best yogurt company in Indonesia,” says Erwin Sujono of Yogurtland Indonesia Global Mandiri.

There are over 270 million people and 173 shopping centers in Indonesia. Presently Yogurtland has more than 320 locations across the U.S., Australia, Dubai, Guam, Myanmar, Oman, Singapore, and Thailand. Flavors are always subject to change and popular demand.

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